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Thank you to  @charlottesid for the amazing review on our Stylfile2 
This genius 3-in-1 product combats three nail woes in seconds by transforming your shapeless and uneven edges into perfectly rounded nails, releases trapped dirt and pushes back your cuticles. 

S Shape File - The S shape of the file is nothing new to Stylfile, as their first product was a simple S-line nail file, this revolutionary design allows for controlled filing even with your non-dominant hand, by following your nail’s natural shape.
Cuticle Pusher - Healthy, non-intrusive cuticles improve the appearance of your nails whether they are natural or painted and the cuticle pusher gently pushes them back to reveal more of your newly grown nail.
Under-nail Skimmer - Now, as I have said before, dirt under the nails is not the one, so the other end of the S-file which is named as an ‘under-nail skimmer’ releases trapped dirt with ease.
I love this product not only because it is multi-purpose and files my nails like a dream come true, but the under-nail skimmer also means I am no longer attacking my nails with scissors/tweezers.

Also despite being a nail polish addict, I have never really thought about the difference pushing back my cuticles will make, but I love it and the Stylfile will be my mobile go-to manicurist.
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