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Big thanks to Secret Style File for the lovely review on our Stylfile Inventions.
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I enjoy doing my own nails but because I can’t sit still and being pressed for time I am always looking for quick and easy solutions. Lately I have been totally addicted to Tom Pellereau’s Stylfile range with user-friendly nail grooming accessories for beauty experts, emergencies and even a baby range. Here are a few of my favourites ♥



The S-shaped curved nail file follows the shape of the nails, meaning it is easier to use compared to your regular straight nail fileOn one end there is a handy cuticle pusher and on the other end there’s an under-skimmer which is especially important for french manicures and lighter polish shades so you can’t see the dirt. I use the more abrasive side to shape my nails and the other side to smooth down. Along with the under-nail skimmer and cuticle pusher, the Buffer pro gets me polished looking nails in no time (even when I’m doing my right hand!)




The Push, cut and shine file is a nail hero! I love that I can push back my cuticles, neaten the edges and dry skin along buffing my nails all with one easy tool and I love the handbag-sized emergency tool.



For my feet…now that its bare feet weather I am so grateful for this S-Ped, the shape follows the shape of the foot making it easy to use and quicker to get baby soft and smooth feet. Time to dust off my flip-flops!



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