How carrying out this 'blue job' just got easier

How carrying out this 'blue job' just got easier

One customer tells us why she's extremely happy with her Stylfile Nipper Clippers...

My husband has always been in charge of cutting our children's nails. Ever since the girls were babies I've been nervous about nipping their skin, so it quickly became what is known in our house as a 'blue job.'

My husband has a lot more patience with those kind of things, but that's not to say there weren't times when I'd hear a squeal from the children as he slightly caught their skin. This seemed to happen more often when we were in a rush to get out. The problem seemed to be that he couldn't actually see where he was cutting.

So, when we were introduced to the Stylfile Nipper Clipper, my husband let out a sigh of relief, as did the girls! With a safety peep-hole, it's possible to see exactly where our children's nails are, and where the clippers are going to cut. No more guessing and hoping for the best. Even my daughters get involved in telling their Daddy where and when they can cut. And, as for babies nails, the Nipper Clippers are perfect for those tiny little nails because they're such good quality. The big orange handle is easy to grip and doesn't slip around like standard clippers, and they cut with perfect precision making  quick work of the job. Quick, effective and safe - just what you need with a wiggly little one.

Fortunately, my husband no longer feels the need to put off carrying out this particular 'blue job,' until their nails are so long they're a hazard to themselves and others. And, I no longer hear the odd squeal from my girls. They are now five and seven, and we still use the Nipper Clippers, especially as my five year-old still has little patience. It's definitely the product that keeps giving... And with a cute mini S-file and educational distraction app it's great value for money too. We love it. Definitely one of the products we recommend to new parents. Thank you Tom!

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