All Round Manicure Tools

All Round Manicure Tools

Thanks to So Many Lovely Things, for the review on our Stylfile range: 
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I was happy to give the new Stylfile Infuse – a moisturising nail file – a go. 

The shape of the Stylfile does help in the shaping of the nail. The curve just fits perfectly and my achieving a symmetrical, pretty shape is much easier that with conventional files.

The fact the Infuse carries a nib that dispenses almond oil is great. After filing – the professional grade nail file has a rough and a smooth side, take the little lid off the nib, press the button at the end of the “pen” and apply it to the nails.

One click is enough for five nails and you can remove the file head to reveal a cuticle pusher.

The file itself is of a very good quality, does not crumble and even the rougher bit has smooth grains, which provide effective, snag free filing.

I also tried the Stylfile ManiPro, which is a curved buffer, with the four steps for buffing, one on each side. It does follow the nail shape, making the job easier and reaching the whole nail, opposed to just the middle, like conventional cube buffers.

Finally, I also tried the more conventional Stylfile 2, a new version of the original Stylfile. Same good nail file but what I really like is that it comes with an under-nail skimmer which I like using to pull out the bits that stay behind after you file.

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