How to clean foundation brushes

How to clean foundation brushes

It’s time to be honest with yourself … when was the last time you cleaned your foundation brush?

A week ago, maybe a month or has it been that long that you really can't remember?!  

Although it is gross, it’s likely you aren’t on you own as a recent report found over 30% of makeup users have never cleaned their makeup brushes.


Why should you clean your makeup brushes?

Your makeup brushes are you daily tools and should be cleaned once a week to remove the build up of makeup and dirt that has been left to linger. A makeup brush that has been left uncleaned for long enough can become a breeding ground for bacteria such as streptococcus and E Coli. This means that reapplying your foundation with a used brush could not only lead to uneven and streaky makeup application but also blocked pores, breakouts, skin irritation and infections which let’s face it, no one wants.


Who has time for traditional cleaning methods?

Removing makeup, especially oil based products, from a makeup brush the traditional way is a chore. Using running water and soap, you start manually scrubbing and squeezing the brush, getting your hands wet, creating a mess and yet you still can’t quite get all of the the makeup removed. It’s frustrating, it takes hours and then you must wait over 24 hours for your brushes to dry. Who really has the time for that?


What if we told you there was an easier way?

Introducing the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser Solution.

The StylPro Makeup brush cleanser solution is created to thoroughly remove even the thickest oil-based makeup on any type of brush without water. It has a gentle yet highly effective formula that cuts through stubborn cosmetics like a hot knife through butter. Long-stay foundation and lipstick really are no match for the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser!

The deep cleansing and unique formula is registered by the Vegan Society, free from alcohol, parabens and sulphates. It is infused with nourishing Wheatgerm, Grapeseed and Argan oils which will condition your makeup brushes leaving the bristles silky, smooth and protected. A perfect treat for your tools, after all, brushes are expensive.

When used in conjunction with the StylPro Makeup Cleaner and Dryer your brushes will not only be clean they will also be dry in 30 seconds flat!

Watch the video below and see just how much of a difference the StylPro Cleanser makes. Say Good-bye to long laborious cleaning methods and Hello to more time …

Team Tom


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