Gravity Force - Trampoline Park

Gravity Force - Trampoline Park

Finding things to do with toddlers on a weekend can be pretty tricky. Before having children my wife and I loved playing sports such as hockey, golf, squash, tennis or going for a run on the weekend. But as much as they would love to try, playing such sports with a 3 and 1.5 year old in toe is pretty much impossible!

My wife and I occasionally take it in turns to play sports on the weekend, but this means we miss spending time with each other or the kids. 

I am therefore always on the look out for toddler & family friendly adventures that we can all enjoy. A good friend told us about a Trampoline place and we were excited to find "Gravity Force" had come to St Albans. 

When I was a kid a trampoline place would be a horrible old sports hall with a couple of death traps that only a Russian Pro would risk climbing onto!

Trampoline places when I was young

Gravity Force is something else. It was huge and incredibly well kitted out. It had 20 + trampolines set out, a dodge ball area, big foam pits, basket ball nets and so much more...It was pretty incredible as you can see from the photos below.

My wife is seriously keen to sign up to the fitness classes and I want to enter a dodge ball team! We will be back. 

Gravity Force did not pay for me to do this review, although we did receive 50% off the ticket price. 

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