Gel Polish Remover - Testimonials

As featured by Beauty Editor Lynne Hyland in 'Beauty ed Lynne loves' in Sunday Mirror Notebook.

In our consumer trials* STYLFILE Gel Polish Remover Kit got fantastic results. The positive feedback was unanimous.

- 88% gave 9/10 or above for ease of use
- None of the testers felt there was any damage to their nails
- 100% of participants would recommend the STYLFILE Gel Polish Remover Kit
- All testers said that they are much more likely to have gel polish, now that they can remove easily at home.

Tom invited a group of women into his house (!) to compare using his STYLFILE Nail Polish Removal Kit on one hand versus their normal removal method on the other. This is what they thought. 

…I generally pick gels off which makes my nails feel weak. My nails don’t appear damaged or weak after using the kit. I love the clips and the fact they are a one-off investment as you can re-use them forever!...I’m more likely to have gels now I can remove them.” Louisa Jones.

Having worried about having gel nails at the salon in case they came off, I’m excited that I could remove them myself. Really easy to use!” Rachel Glynn.

The acetone used to dribble down my fingers when I used foil wraps. Not a problem with the clips. After removing gels with the kit you can literally see the polish lifting off by itself – really very little need to scrape…” Nicky Betchley.

When I found a bit of my gel polish chipped, I used to peel it off. I think this great removal kit is easy to use and means I won’t damage my nails any more.” Pauline Quested.

I’m sold on the clips. The foils used to be such a pain. They always fell off. I love this little kit with all the things in. the clips are utterly superb! You can really feel that the acetone is soaking into the nails.” Karen Martin.

*Study of 12 UK women aged 16 to 75, December 2015


"We are very happy with the clips, so much easier than wraps, so much quicker also. Easy to use and to keep clean. The clips are a really good invention ☺ thank you Tom."

Janette, Beauty Begins, Hampshire