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STYLPRO Flexible Star Collars

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Designed to fit a wider range of brushes

These additional collars are great to use with makeup brushes that sit in between the standard 8 collar sizes.

How it works

The new universal silicone collars are designed with a star shape to have more flexibility.

Benefits and features

⭐Fits a wider range of brushes
⭐Two collars fit a range of brush sizes
⭐Increased flexibility


✅ 2x STYLPRO Flexible Star Collars.

How to use

🖤Attach your makeup brush into the collar most suited to it's size and attach the STYLPRO device.
🖤Do be sure that the collar fits snug onto the brush to avoid the brush coming loose or wiggling when attached to the STYLPRO device.

Additional Information

This set does NOT include a STYLPRO collar stand, device or bowl.

Suitable for use with the STYLPRO Device.

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